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Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Wade Eldridge, Was Quoted in a CBS4 News Report – Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Wade Eldridge, was quoted in a story investigating loud motorcycles and a 3-year-old Denver loud noise law. The “controversial” and rarely enforced law is an attempt to reduce noise emissions in the city and county of Denver. To date, only 46 tickets have been handed out to motorcycle riders for breaking the law. In comparison, police in Golden have handed out 81 tickets for noise violations in the last 6 months.

Wade Eldridge, who specializes in representing motorcycle riders in accident and insurance law cases and who is a rider himself, was quoted as saying: “I think it [the Denver loud noise law] was something the city council passed that they knew was unenforceable,” and suggested that “those who receive tickets in Denver or elsewhere” should demand trials.

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