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Passersby Save Motorcyclist – Denver Motorcycle Attorney

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011 reports on a diverse group of people in Salt Lake City, UT lifting a car off of a motorcyclist after a collision.  The motorcyclist laid his vehicle down before colliding with the car.  The driver of the car was not seriously injured, and fortunately, the injuries to the motorcyclist do not include head trauma, despite the fact that he was not wearing a helmet.  After the collision, both vehicles burst into flame and came to rest, with the motorcyclist trapped underneath the car.  Several passersby, including a number of local college students, some construction workers, and at least one police officer stopped, and helped lift the car onto two wheels so that another person could drag the man out from underneath.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident?  You need an aggressive, dedicated Denver motorcycle accident attorney working for you.

Thanks in part to the work of the regular people who stopped to help, this collision did not result in fatal injury, but every year, over four thousand motorcyclists are killed in collisions in the United States.    Although this accident occurred in Utah, accidents very much like it happen all the time in and around Denver.  Motorcycles are an inherently risky mode of transportation, but one way that Denver motorcyclists can reduce the risks is to wear a helmet and riding leathers.  Not all helmets out there will give you the optimal protection you want if you are in a collision, so you need to be careful about what helmet you buy, making sure it is USDOT approved.  The Colorado State Patrol has some great information on motorcycle safety and facts.

When you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to know what your rights are.  You need a dedicated, aggressive Denver motorcycle attorney who can evaluate your situation, explain your rights, and protect your legal interests.  There is a lot to think about when you have been injured, and Denver motorcycle accident attorney Wade Eldridge can help you decide whether your accident involved negligence and help you recover the compensation you deserve.  For more information, and a FREE CONSULTATION, contact Wade at (303)861-4222.

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Wheat Ridge Hit and Run Accident Leaves Motorcyclist in Serious Condition – Wheat Ridge Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Monday, August 29th, 2011

Colorado State Police closed down two lanes of traffic on I-70 after a Wheat Ridge motorcycle accident caused serious injuries earlier this month. The incident occurred in Wheat Ridge, Colorado off of Ward Road, according to the Colorado News Leader. Police state that driver of the vehicle fled the scene after colliding with the motorcyclist, sending him to the hospital in critical condition. The driver of the automobile eventually turned himself in, yet charges against the young women have not been filed. Fleeing the scene of a crime is considered a major felony in the state of Colorado and is considered a hit and run accident.

Hit and run accidents are often serious and deadly accidents—especially for motorcyclists. The first few hours after a motorcycle accident can make a difference between life and death for an injured motorcyclist. Sadly, most hit and run accidents leave motorcycle accident victims with serious and often debilitating injuries, including paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, and amputation.

If you or a loved one was injured in a Wheat Ridge hit and run motorcycle accident, then you need a dedicated Wheat Ridge motorcycle accident lawyer to fight for your rights. Wheat Ridge motorcycle accident attorney, Wade Eldridge, will help you and your family after a devastating hit and run accident. For your Free Consultation and more information please contact the Wheat Ridge motorcycle accident attorneys at 303-861-4222.


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Longmont Man Killed in Motorcycle Accident on I-25 – Longmont Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

According to CBS Channel 5, a Longmont man was killed in a Denver motorcycle accident on Interstate 25, when a Colorado state trooper attempted to pull him over. 36-year-old Michael Lee Morse failed to yield to the state trooper and then crashed about five miles past exit 240 on I25. Sadly, the Longmont motorcyclist died at the scene of the accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 4,462 motorcyclists were killed in 2009 alone and another 90,000 were injured in motorcycle accidents throughout the United States. Because motorcycles fail to offer riders adequate protection in a crash, motorcycle accidents usually lead to serious and often fatal injuries. In addition, motorcyclists who choose to ride without a helmet risk sustaining serious head and neck injuries that can lead to paralysis, permanent brain damage, and even death.

If you or someone you love is injured in a Longmont motorcycle accident, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Longmont motorcycle accident attorney immediately. Wade Eldridge has experienced representing motorcycle accident victims in Longmont, Aurora, Boulder, Littleton, and throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Contact Longmont motorcycle accident lawyer, Wade Eldridge, today for a Free Consultation at (303) 861-4222. After a serious motorcycle accident—you are not alone. Call today!