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4th of July Safety | Denver Child Injury Accident Lawyer

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Keeping Your 4th of July Celebration a Safe One

Independence Day is one of our nation’s most celebrated holidays and a popular time for family get-togethers or a night out with friends. But as the holiday quickly approaches, it is important to keep the safety of your family and friends in mind.

In one way or another, nearly everyone celebrates the 4th of July with fireworks. We either light some off ourselves, or head over and watch one of the many local municipal fireworks shows. But as a reminder, not all cities, counties, and states allow the possession of the same kinds of fire works. If you are not sure what bans, if any, for fireworks are enforced in your neighborhood, check with your local police department website. The Denver police department has issued this flier on what is and is not acceptable this 4th of July:

Fireworks and Injuries

According to a study conducted by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPAC) in 2011, approximately 9,600 people were treated at emergency rooms for fireworks injuries. More than half of those injuries were burns, and nearly half of the injuries were injuries to the hands and fingers. The majority of injuries to other body parts were to the eyes, head, or face. The eyes were the only part of the body where lacerations, contusions and foreign bodies were more common injuries than burns. Most people treated at the emergency room were released without being admitted to the hospital.

Injuries to Children

Of course, there are things you can do to ensure the safety of your family. An analysis of the ages of fireworks injury victims shows that about 16% of all fireworks injuries are to children under the age of ten. The fact that sparklers cause more injuries than any other type of firework probably goes hand in hand with this statistic. Something to remember is that, even if you don’t give your children fireworks, children are curious, so you need to watch them around fireworks, and also watch the fireworks and matches or lighters to be sure that your children aren’t getting into them out of curiosity.

The CPSC related one other very disturbing trend for the 4th of July holiday. They report a spike in child pool drownings during the week surrounding the 4th with over 20 drownings, but also several thousand emergency room visits after near-drownings. As important as it is to monitor your children around fireworks, please don’t forget, if you have a pool, to be sure that a responsible, sober adult is monitoring the pool at all times. The fact is, it only takes a moment for a small child to have a terrible, tragic accident.

If You are Injured by the Reckless Use of Fireworks by Another Person, You May Have Legal Recourse.

If you are burned, a family member is injured, or your property is destroyed by the reckless use of fireworks by another person, you may have legal options. You should not be forced to pay for your damages due to someone else refusing to celebrate the 4th of July safely. The experienced, dedicated Denver child accident injury attorneys at the law office of Wade Eldridge wish you a very happy and joyful 4th of July holiday, and also remind you to please be conscious of your own safety, as well as the safety of any children with whom you are celebrating. If everyone is careful, there is no reason that we can’t all have a fun, safe, enjoyable holiday. In the unfortunate event that you have been injured through the negligence of someone else, contact Denver personal injury attorney Wade Eldridge at (303)861-4222 for more information and a FREE CONSULTATION.

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Motorcyclist Injured on C-470 – Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Monday, November 8th, 2010

9News is reporting that a motorcyclist collided with a car Friday afternoon shutting down eastbound C-470 for about an hour. The Colorado State Patrol says a rider on a red motorcycle collided with a white pick-up truck on C-470 near Santa Fe Drive around 4:45 p.m. The motorcyclist was transported to a local hospital with moderate injuries. No other injuries were reported in the accident.

Nobody who rides a motorcycle expects to become another fatality or accident  statistic when they take up riding. Accidents, however, are a tragic part of riding. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, 90 riders and passengers were killed in motorcycle crashes in Colorado in 2007.

Whether your motorcycle accident injuries are minor or a family member’s injuries ended their life, an experienced Denver motorcycle accident attorney can help you recover the damages you deserve. That could include lost wages, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.  Call attorney Wade Eldridge today at (303)861-4222 for a free case consultation and the help that you deserve.

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Motorcycle Crash On I-25 Leaves One Dead and One Injured – Colorado Attorney

Friday, August 6th, 2010 has reported that a “motorcyclist died and his passenger was injured” after a crash on I-25 in Larimer County on Thursday. The Colorado State Patrol does not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash but a patch of uneven asphalt may have. After a lane change, which involved a move from concrete to new asphalt, the motorcyclist lost control and crashed into a guardrail. It was unclear whether either was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash. Though, one helmet was found at the scene. The injured passenger was taken to a local hospital and authorities are not certain of her injuries.

In 2006, 4,810 motorcyclists died in motorcycle accidents in the US. According to a report, half “those killed lost control and crashed without colliding with another vehicle,” while nearly “42% of riders killed were not wearing helmets.” Serious riders are both aware of the dangers of riding as well as of the proper equipment needed to reduce the chance of serious injury.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need to speak to a knowledgeable and qualified Colorado Motorcycle Injury Lawyer who is a fellow rider, someone who understands your point-of-view.  Wade Eldridge is both a rider and a lawyer and he will put his experience and knowledge of both to work for you. For a free consultation of your case contact Wade Eldridge today at (303) 861-4222.

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A Hit-And-Run Involving a Motorcycle Kills One and Leaves Another Injured – Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

An Aurora woman riding on a motorcycle survived a hit-and-run crash that killed her boyfriend last weekend. reports that the two were on a motorcycle that was struck by an oncoming vehicle that veered into their path. The vehicle left the scene of the accident but with the help of witnesses was latter tracked down by police and the two men in it arrested.

According to a 2008 report nearly half of all motorcycle fatalities in the US involved a collision with a car or truck. It also reported that motorcycle fatalities account for 10% of all traffic fatalities, though motorcycle’s account for only 2% of vehicles on the road. It is essential for both drivers and riders to remain attentive and alert to other vehicles on the road.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a Denver motorcycle accident attorney who is not only diligent and aggressive, but also knowledgeable about the roads and regulations from a motorcycle rider’s point of view. For a free consultation and review of your case, contact Denver motorcycle accident attorney Wade Eldridge at (303) 861-4222.

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Motorcycle Crash Results in Death – Denver Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Monday, July 12th, 2010

A motorcyclist from Florida was killed on June 26th while riding on I-25 in Wyoming. The Motorcyclist was identified as Charles Lynn of Sorrento, Florida. The Wyoming Highway Patrol said it is believed that Lynn momentarily fell asleep on Interstate 25, causing his bike to veer into the median. Lynn tried to steer back onto the highway but spun out into a ditch and was thrown from his motorcycle. He was not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. According to the Denver Post, Lyn was participating in the Hoka-Hey Motorcycle run, which begins in Key West Florida and ends in Homer Alaska. The Wyoming Highway Patrol said that the Hoka-Hey run is routed through 62 mountain ranges, 25 national forests, eight deserts, 33 Indian reservations and two countries.

Motorcycle rider fatalities have been on the rise for many years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 4,810 motorcyclists died in 2006. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation 90 riders and passengers were killed in motorcycle crashes in Colorado in 2007, the highest ever recorded (that averages almost 8 deaths every month).

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need a Denver motorcycle accident attorney who is not only diligent and aggressive, but also knowledgeable about the roads and regulations from a motorcycle rider’s point of view. At Wade H. Eldridge, PC in Denver, Colorado, Mr. Eldridge brings both his experience as a lawyer and a unique perspective as a motorcycle enthusiast. Contact Wade Eldridge today at 303-861-4222 for a free consultation and review of your case.

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